About me

Hello my name is Natalie

My biggest passion is horses and riding. A life without horses is unthinkable for me. Every day I want to connect myself with these beautiful and sensitive animals. I am also a big fan of equitation and the art of riding. To me the art of riding embodies an art form in movement between two beings; so different and yet able to form such a unity together. I therefore saw the Art of riding with a capital A.

My path went a different direction. I found out that horses are not only beautiful and sensitive, but also very vulnerable. Success in the training and continuity in your development depend on many factors. And because everything is interconnected, it is also extremely complex. As a horse owner you want the best for your horse, you ask for guidance and expertise of specialists, you do your best with the training and yet it doesn’t always go the way you want. The horse is starting to get health issues, the harmony is deteriorating, the development is stagnating.

From Art to Nature

In my teaching, and with my own horses, I became more and more convinced that I had to let go of Art and return to the essence: what is the nature of the horse, what does the horse need to perform sustainably and optimally ? Focusing on the health part of the horse and its physical and mental well-being in the education and training of the horse.

A good basis as foundation!

I believe that everything can be more beautiful, harmonious and effective if you invest in a good foundation. It is about the love for your horse, your passion, your dreams. How happy are you as a horse owner when your horse is healthy and strong! How proud are you when your horse is motivated and performs with ease because he can handle it physically! And how happy and proud are you when you and your horse can perform together into old age and have fun for many, many years!


Healthy Dressage

In my search for getting closer to the essence, after 10 intensive years in which I studied the Academic Art of Riding, I made the switch to a 3-year education in dressage. During this dressage training I came in contact with additional information about the anatomy and biomechanics of the horse and I trained differently. In the training the emphasis was on developing the movement and expression of the horse. My search continued. I looked for more deepening in the base and, if necessary, in CORRECTING the base. Many horses have already developed compensation patterns or injuries. It is precisely for these horses that it is so important to go back to the base. We need to teach these horses how to resume the training in a sustainable way. A training what embeds correct body posture and a healthy movement without compensations. With my background as a rehabilitation trainer I have found the perfect combination. Correct basics and basic training is important for EVERY horse!

Academic Art of Riding: School halt & Levade
That’s how I started

Knowledge about anatomy & biomechanics now forms the basis for my teaching

The rider as a trainer

Primarily for me a rider is the Trainer for his horse. My role as an instructor is: Train the Trainer. I want to ensure that the rider is well equipped with knowledge about the anatomy and biomechanics of the horse. I guide the rider in developing his own body awareness and that the rider becomes aware of his influence on the horse. This is about improving posture and balance and the conscious use of intention and energy, both from the ground and in the saddle. I help the rider to develop new skills so that the rider can train his horse optimally from the ground. And I ensure that the rider experiences a rising line in the development of competence and craftsmanship. The way to Mastery is finding the right teachers. I would like to be 1 of your teachers!

My education

Would you like to meet me and learn more about my work?

Would you like to discover my holistic approach and how I look at you and your horse from a broad perspective? Do you want to receive immediate tools for improving your training? Do you have doubts about other matters such as your saddle, the muscle development of your horse, the balance of the hooves?