Ebook Beyond injuries

What you can do to keep your horse sound!

Every horse owner sooner or later has to deal with injuries. Ranging from relatively harmless wounds and bruises to serious lameness resulting from e.g. navicular disease, tendon injuries, sesamoidosis, or damage in the spine such as kissing spines, arthritis in the neck, and sacroiliac (SI) problems.

Some injuries are caused by bad luck: a stumble or a twist. But did you know that most injuries in horses are caused by chronic overload? And that this chronic overload is often the result of training in an incorrect posture?

In short, a horse gets injured if the load exceeds the load capacity. The horse then becomes overloaded. The body can cope and compensate for a longer or shorter period of time, but eventually injuries occur.

In this ebook we discuss overload due to an incorrect working posture: what it is, how you recognise it and what causes it.

Do you want to study your horse’s anatomy? Learn what a good working posture is causing an efficient and symmetrical movement pattern? And do you want to learn how much load your horse can handle so that most training injuries can be prevented?

This free ebook is offered by 4DimensionDressage and 4D Equitation

Ebook Beyond injuries