International Clinic

Multi day workshops

Sustainable training means that you coordinate all sorts of things to keep your horse healthy and happy.

From accommodation, the management of your horse, the saddle and other attributes, to nutrition, the farrier and the involvement of practitioners, therapists and bodyworkers. You are aware that if something is wrong somewhere in this chain, you cannot get the most out of your training. At the same time, with the training of your horse you have the most important tool to keep your horse healthy, fit and happy in a sustainable way!

Without proper training based on the anatomy and biomechanics of your horse, the positive result of everything else is temporary. Chances are that your horse will tighten in its body and compensate in its movement. And if this continues for a long time, the horse will get injuries, wear and tear or other physical discomfort. Your horse weakens physically and mentally, revolts or starts to shut itself off. The harmony is gone. Because of my background as a rehabilitation trainer, I have all the knowledge and experience to help you and guide you through sustainable training. I have an holistic approach and at the same time the focus is on correct training.


” The challenge in dressage is not to have the best moving horse, but to make every horse move as well as possible.”

~ Egon Von Neindorff ~

International Clinic format 3 days + 1 evening

For international purpose Healthy Dressage has developed a clinic format as introduction to healthy biomechanics and the different forms of training.

The clinic starts with an extensive theory presentation and will be given the evening before we start with the 3 days of practice.


During this theory presentation the following subjects will be covered:

Natural asymmetry

Anatomy and biomechanics for healthy training

The holistic approach to support and optimize the training

Recognizing and signaling pain and compensation patterns

Topline syndrome

4 Dimensions in training: vertical balance, horizontal balance, lateral flexion, diagonal plane

Bending exercises and side movements

The evening will be completed with watching and evaluating two different horses. Goal is to bring theory into practice and to develop a positive eye for training. It is about helping the horse and to find out what he needs.

 Then we have 3 days of practice where we work with the different training forms:


Groundwork in 4DD

Groundwork in bending and lateral work

Lunging in 4DD

Riding in 4DD

Riding lateral work: this is possible when there is quality in the basics of 4D and especially in lateral flexion

The extensive theory presentation is separated from the practice so that we can really dive into the practice. During the days of practice we start with a little lecture about the exercises and what to look for. Everything is focused on de training.

General results and characteristics of the international clinic and multi day workshops:

I teach you to look at your horse with a holistic view.

Educating and training your horse is about balance and straightening. We develop spinal alignment, hull stability and self carriage through balance and straightening. These are essential characteristics for a good foundation.

When your horse experiences balance in its body and movement, it can relax. A relaxed horse is a pleasure to work with and can appeal to his ability to learn much better.

Only a relaxed horse can learn to contract his body in a healthy way. We go for: “A relaxed mind in an energetic body”

All forms of training work towards the same goal in terms of body posture, body coordination and healthy movement pattern.

As a trainer you learn to think and work in a progressive way; from teaching the horse so he understands you – to enable the horse physically – to increase the level and endurance of performance. Everything slowly, gently and gradually! You also learn to take into account where the boundaries of your horse are and how to move those boundaries slowly and gently.

Being a trainer for your horse requires a lot of yourself and as a result you learn a lot ABOUT yourself. My lessons contribute in a positive way to personal development and inner strength.

“Self carriage is not limited to collection.

Self carriage is the natural outcome of a horse properly developed mentally and muscularly.”

~ Jean Luc Cornille ~

Multi day workshops

If you prefer to organize a workshop with a thematic topic we have the following subjects for you:

The What, Why and How and especially the Differences in Academic Groundwork and 4DD

Lunging without auxiliary reins based on 4DD

Vertical balance in groundwork and riding

From vertical balance to further closing of the underline in the groundwork

From vertical balance to further closing of the underline in riding

The purpose of a workshop based on a thematic topic is to make sure the new information and acquired skills are embedded in the daily training.

From learning, to doing, to correct execution, requires repetition and deepening. Therefore we need to take our time during the workshop and focus on the choosen theme.

Would you like to organize a clinic or workshop?

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