Your horse is like a family member to you. You therefore want the best for your horse. Your main goal is to give your horse a long and healthy life.

To keep your horse healthy, fit and happy, you are aware that training is your most important tool to achieve this in a sustainable way.

If you have ambitions and you want to become good at something together with your horse, you find it even more important to have a good foundation. A good foundation on which you build further in your training and in the discipline you enjoy and like to do.

Sustainable training does not stand on its own but forms part of a larger whole to meet the needs of your horse.

Getting the most out of your horse and developing its performance capacity in a responsible manner requires experience and expertise in which you would like to be guided.

In my lessons I teach you how to look at your horse with an open mind.

Harmony and relaxation starts with learning how to look, feel and understand what your horse needs.

Every horse has a different character and reacts differently to situations and instructions. I therefore teach you to look at your own horse and to investigate what he needs to feel good and to perform optimally.

The main theme in training and training for gymnastics is: balance and straightness. Only a horse that is balanced and straight can perform the requested of the rider with a correct body posture and a healthy movement pattern. And this feels good to a horse! When the horse feels good, you get harmony and relaxation in the training. Your horse is motivated and likes to cooperate with you.

Getting your horse light on the aids and that he responds nicely to what you ask of him, can only succeed when your horse has learned to move in balance and on its own 4 legs. This allows the horse to release muscle tension, your aids are felt and your horse can actually follow your instructions. Harmony in communication therefore also starts with balance.

Harmony and balance are inextricably linked!

“Seeking softness, straightness and balance

You know you are doing well with your horse if it is becoming more handsome.”

~ Manolo Mendez ~

Training is more than just horse riding

In fact, you learn better to feel and to understand what balance is from the ground and how you can help your horse with this. The insights you gain from the ground you include in your riding. Everything becomes more clear to you. You gain more sympathy for your horse and why your horse has difficulty with things such as keeping pace and a nice steady light contact.

Confident horse

Training from the ground also has great benefits for the horse. The horse learns to organize and coordinate its own body without the weight of the rider on its back. The horse will become more self-assured because he understands better what is expected of him. Also physically, in groundwork the horse will be better prepared and enables the horse to perform better what is requested of the rider. First without the weight of the rider and later with. In the training you work progressively. From teaching the horse so he understands you, to enable the horse physically, to increase the level and endurance of performance. Everything slowly, gently and gradually! Learning to see and feel and being able to estimate where your horse stands in its development is invaluable. That makes you an empathetic and conscious trainer! A trainer your horse likes to connect with!


Finally, the quality of training your horse is inextricably linked to the qualities that you have as a person. In my lessons I therefore pay a lot of attention to how you use your own body and energy and with which mindset and underlying emotion. The horse is like a mirror and will return what you radiate consciously or unconsciously. And this does not only apply to training from the ground, but also when you ride! The horse can only use its body correctly when you do this. The horse can only experience balance when you are also in balance. The horse can only feel relaxed and safe when you are aware of your own emotions and radiate peace.

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