What is straightness training?

Straightness training is about giving your horse gymnastics in such a way that he learns to use his body symmetrically. It is also about teaching your horse to coordinate and align his body in a correct way. With a correct body posture the horse can use the right muscles. This is extremely important. With addressing the right muscles you can start to develop them.

Why straightness training?

Training is about making your horse more flexible and stronger. You want your horse to carry you with ease and that his movement becomes fluid, energetic and resilient. The basis for this is straightening and balancing your horse.

When do we start with straightness training?

Straightening the horse and doing straightness training is something we are always dealing with. From the first basic level to the very advanced. The more you know about this subject and the better you integrate this in your daily training, the more results you will achieve. Straightness training is the basis for:


a relaxed and cooperative horse  


a healthy moving horse


a horse that can push its limits in the training in a harmonious and healthy way!!